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Hello and welcome to our little space on the World wide web for all things to do with the Pike Anglers Club and pike fishing in East Sussex.

If you are reading this, then you are more than likely a PAC member. But if you're not a member, then we urge you to join and help promote Pike Fishing everywhere.

The region is for the members and we hope you all get stuck in and support its cause. We will keep you updated via this BLOG and the Regional News page on the PAC site with details of our meeting dates and guest speaker nights, which are held through the winter month's at the Kings Head at East-Hoathly.

Even if you are not a PAC member, please feel free to come along and see what we are all about, we can then badger you for the £19.50 to become a member!

We hope to see you at a future Region 70 meeting nights!!!!


Further details from the Regional Organiser Gary Hodd at Garyregion70@aol.com

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Going by the brilliant attendance for the James Gardener night, it's clear the region is getting stronger and stronger.
It was once again nice to see so many new faces watching what was a really informative talk by James.
His methods for catching big pike were there for all to see and I for one walked away with a few extra tips under my belt for the next time I go pike fishing. James clearly enjoys his fishing wether he catches a big fish or not and his talk included his early pike fishing days where he developed the rigs he uses today.
The one really good thing was they are simple to use and clearly work with fish up to 38lb boated.
The raffle on the night was filled with some top of the range prizes with most in the room winning something.

A big thanks goes out to James for his excellent talk and to all those that attended.

Roll on the next one!!!

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